Published Author - Tom Lubben

Published Author Tom Lubben

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Author Tom Lubben is a lifetime educator, learner, and dreamer. He resides in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania with his wife Carole. Tom has 26 extended family members scattered over six states. He has traveled extensively. Tom uses these experiences in the creation of his books.

Tom actually published 4 new books in 2023 via two separate publishers. (Not bad for an 82 year old!)

Current Projects

Tom’s debut novel, Death Among the Pines, was published in February of 2022 through Austin Macauley Publishers. He continues to actively market his works both in Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

He has completed four additional novels expanding the career of his protagonist, BJ Gleeson. In the second novel, independently published April 2023, "Death on the Bayou" BJ visits New Orleans. The third adventure has the (now) private investigator in San Antonio, Texas at the site of the Day of the Dead Parade along the famed River Walk. Tom has completed Book IV in the series: "Death on the Grand Strand" which has BJ traveling to Myrtle Beach to solve a series of murders on a famous golf course. His 5th book in the series is also ready for publication, "Death Over the Cliffs" is set in County Mayo, Ireland. His latest (6th book) is set in Cape May, New Jersey and is entitled "Death on Diamond Beach".

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Tom has two spiritual non-fiction books due for publication. The first book is titled "A Year’s Journey". It takes you on a spiritual journey for 365 days with a verse, comments on the verse, an image, and a question for the Reader on each page. Published May 2023 by Lighthouse Christian Publishing.

His second spiritual work,"The Eye-Witnesses" (Common People Who Observed Jesus' Miracles) focuses on ordinary people during the life of Jesus. It focuses on ten major events in the life of Jesus and was also published by Lighthouse Christian in 2023.

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