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A Year’s Journey

May 2023 – Lighthouse Publishing

This is a unique, perennial journal for individual guidance. Each day of the year offers a separate bible verse, a brief commentary, and a question to challenge the reader.

I began writing individual journals to family and friends sometime in 2011. They were an attempt to offer some "guidance" to the individual, but serves, also served, to further assist me with self-reflection. These volumes were written (mostly in the mornings) to my family members over the years.

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I always hoped that they are kept somewhere safe and might be "assembled" at some point once I have left this earth to be with the Lord. I hope that when I pass, I will still be helping others. The journals are scattered all over the country. I have spent the better part of my 79th year trying to piece together as many of these reflections as possible. I hope and pray that "owners" of this unique Perennial Journal will make use of it on a daily reflection in the word, and will utilize the stated questions for deep personal introspection.

The Eye-Witnesses has been published by Lighthouse Christian in 2023

The Eye-Witnesses

Common people who observed the miracles of Jesus

The New Testament didn’t just "appear out of nowhere". And it wasn’t simply Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John giving an account of the life of Jesus. There is extensive history, aside from these four men, that supports the notion that a very remarkable person, Jesus, walked this earth for thirty-somewhat years.

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Although the gospel writers wrote most of their work from first-hand experience, Jesus made his mark on many ordinary people during his ministry. People (almost daily) witnessed his ministry, his miracles, and even his death. As the Son of God, he walked this earth with and among all of humanity that existed at that time. This is why I have used the concept of an eye-witness, apart from his disciples.