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Death on the Day of the Dead

November 21, 2023 - Amazon

Irene and Vinnie O’Brien were trying to relax as they watched the Day of the Dead Parade as it moved through the beautiful River Walk in San Antonio, Texas. Their temporary evening of pleasure turned into a horrific shock. Irene’s aged mother had disappeared, rather mysteriously, from a local nursing home several weeks earlier. Authorities could not find her!

As a large float drifted slowly by, the O’Brien’s saw a large photograph of Irene’s mother- in a death pose, prominently displayed on the side of the decorated boat. The pair quickly gathered up their chairs and left the parade. They immediately contacted the local police, but Vinnie remembered a piece he had seen recently on a Cable Station. It had to do with an amateur detective who had solved a string of strange murders that had occurred in the Honey Marsh Swamps of Louisiana. The station quickly gave Vinnie the phone number of B.J Gleeson, who was now a fully certificated private investigator

Very quickly, BJ is drawn into a string of disappearing patients plaguing a very respectable nursing home in San Antonio. Working closely with his girlfriend and police lieutenant, Karen, BJ puts his life at risk as he attempts to identify another serial killer.

This is volume III in the BJ Gleeson Mystery Series. Watch as this fascinating character moves from a troubled washed-up baseball player and teacher into the world of a successful and innovative professional investigation

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Death on the Bayou

April, 2023 - Amazon

After solving a major string of bizarre murders in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, BJ Gleeson now stumbles over another brutal crime while attending a writers’ conference in New Orleans.

This complex and troubled man uses his prior experience to point toward the solution to a series of brutal deaths of women, discovered in the swamps of New Orleans just after the disastrous arrival of Hurricane Katrina.


BJ Gleeson is walking along a water bed, one year after Hurricane Katrina savaged New Orleans. He has arrived in the Big Easy to give a keynote address at a national mystery writers' conference. He was asked to speak the prior year, but the conference had to be rescheduled. His positive experiences with a string of brutal murders in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey had developed a small amount of notoriety for this amateur detective.

He was just doing some general exploring when he noticed a commotion at the side of the water. Police and emergency trucks arrived to retrieve some bodies. As he moved toward the action, he noticed a naked woman being dragged up from the shoreline. She was naked from the waist up and her body had been badly mangled. As she was pulled up by the emergency crew, an elderly black woman bystander covered her mouth and called out "It’s the Wookie, at it again!"

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As the crew moves the body away, BJ is introduced to a rather foxy Lieutenant Detective who will be helping him as he moved forward to investigate this woman and several others who appear to have been brutally executed by either a swamp monster or a different kind of smooth operator.

Watch as BJ uses his newfound skills to point toward the solution to a number of vicious and bloody bodies that are uncovered. With the help of his new friend, Karen, he negotiates a tricky path through Bourbon Street and into the depths of the Bijou.

Death Among the Pines

February, 2022 - Austin Macauley Publishing

BJ Gleeson is sitting at a South Jersey bar with his new girlfriend when an old woman totters in and sits down next to them. Crying and mumbling, she opens a small box to show a bloodied severed finger. "It’s my daughter!' she sobs.

Follow Gleeson, a divorced family man, and washed-up baseball player turned teacher & amateur detective, as this event catapults him into a labyrinth of bizarre murders, which could be historical, gang-related, or cult based, in the middle of a cold winter in the New Jersey Pine Barrens at the turn of the 21st Century.

Watch as this complex and troubled man uses his historical savvy to point toward the solution of several vicious and bloody murders that have all occurred between the dawning of the new Millennium and Easter of 2000.

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He is on his way to a restaurant on the shores of the Honey Marsh Swamp, located just off of Lake Pontchartrain, just outside of the city of New Orleans. He sees a group of police cars and rescue trucks near the side of the swamp and his curiosity leads him to investigate. The body of a young woman has washed up on the side of the swamp. She is mostly naked, with what appear to be wounds and bites all over her body. A woman in the spectator crowd cries out “It’s the Wookie again!”

At the scene of the discovery, BJ is introduced to Karen, an attractive detective working for the New Orleans Police Department. Throughout the case, his relationship with Karen continues to grow, since he quickly becomes utilized as a consultant with the Police Department, based on his previous experiences. Watch as this complicated character works his way through the labyrinth of a string of brutal murders while trying to straighten out his own life at the same time.